Monday, 03 October 2016

Single-breath washout tests to assess small airway disease in COPD

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indirect calorimetry

A new paper published on Chest Journal investigated the role of Single Breath Nitrogen Washout (N2WO) as a marker to evaluate small airway disease in COPD patients.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

OMNIA 1.5: Neues Lungenvolumen Modul N2WO, HL7-Schnittstelle, Modernes Datenimport-Management, sowie viele weitere neue Funktionen

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Omnia Metabolic Module

COSMED ist stolz, Ihnen die neue OMNIA Version 1.5 zum Download bereitstellen zu können. Bitte registrieren Sie sich dazu unter folgendem online Formular. Mit diesem upgrade wurde OMNIA auch von bestehenden Bugs bereinigt.

Tuesday, 03 May 2016

OMNIA 1.5, la nuova release con Washout dell’azoto, volume di chiusura, HL7, diversi miglioramenti e molto altro...

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Omnia Metabolic Module

La COSMED è lieta di informare che è uscita la nuova versione 1.5 di OMNIA disponibile per tutti gli utenti registrati OMNIA. Per facilitare il processo di aggiornamento è a disposizione un modulo online di richiesta. COSMED consiglia l'aggiornamento in quanto la nuova versione risolve alcuni bugs delle precedenti versioni.

Tuesday, 03 May 2016

OMNIA 1.5: new modules include Lung Volumes N2WO, HL7, Competitive Data import and lots more...

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Omnia Metabolic Module

COSMED is glad to inform that, starting from the 2nd of May, the new 1.5 release of OMNIA is available for download to registered users. To facilitate upgrade process an online form is available to send requests. COSMED recommends to upgrade existing systems as the unit resolves also some bugs.