Desktop Spirometer with MIP/MEP
Pony FX: Next generation spirometer for advanced spirometry testing

Advanced desktop spirometer with spirometry and respiratory mechanics

  • Full spirometry testing (FVC, SVC, MVV, Pre/Post BD)
  • Respiratory Mechanics MIP/MEP
  • Airway resistance by Occlusion Technique (option)
  • Oxygen Saturimetry with integrated SpO2 monitor (option)
  • Colour LCD display with real time graphs and embedded high speed Thermal Printer
  • Available with COSMED turbine flowmeter 
  • Provided with OMNIA software for data management, real time testing and interpretation on PC


  • Pony FXPony FX is the next generation desktop spirometer developed for pulmonary function screening. Pony FX is the perfect combination of tools for all-inclusive spirometry. Built into this all-in-one unit are an alphanumeric keyboard and a colour LCD display,which allow easy access to all functions and immediate visual analysis in a standalone device. An integrated printer produces high quality reports in few seconds.

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