Omnia Cardiopulmonary Diagnostic Suite
omnia cardiopulmonary diagnostic suite

One integrated solution for effective Lung Function, Metabolic, and Body Composition data management

  • Intuitive, immediate, touchscreen-ready user interface
  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Designed according to latest scientific standards
  • Advanced interpretation with graphic tools for a quick and accurate test assessment
  • Available in Stand-alone, Local and Wide Area Network versions
  • Built over SQL database (Express or Standard)
  • Integration with HMR via GDT and HL7
  • Compliance to access and security standards (HIPAA)


  • OMNIAOMNIA is the new software platform developed by COSMED designed for data management, interpretation and reporting of all tests performed with the entire COSMED product range, from spirometry to lung function equipment and from metabolic to body composition assessment. OMNIA, entirely designed and developed by COSMED, provides an innovative and user-friendly interface (touch-screen ready) that allows operators to navigate and access main features and testing almost without any training in a multi-language environment. OMNIA is easy to setup, and, thanks to its intuitive environment, it is extremely easy to learn. OMNIA is available in both Stand-alone and Network version, a fully featured software with Server/Client architecture.

    OMNIA Brochure: Italian - English
    • Spirometry (Spirometers) Ref. A-670-100-001
    • Spirometry (Quark line) Ref. A-670-100-002
    • Lung Volumes - TGV/RAW Ref. A-670-100-003
    • Lung Volumes - FRC/N2WO Ref. A-670-100-015
    • Diffusing Lung Capacity Ref. A-670-100-004
    • Respiratory Mechanics - MIP/MEP Ref. A-670-100-014
    • Airway Resistance (Rocc) - Ref. A-670-100-012
    • Metabolic - CPET/REE Ref. A-670-100-005
    • Metabolic - REE Canopy Ref. A-670-100-016
    • Metabolic - REE Vent Ref. A-670-100-006
    • Metabolic Misc Ergometers Drivers Ref. A-670-100-010
    • Review-only Station Ref. A-670-100-018
    • GDT Ref. A-670-100-008
    • OMNIA HL7 Connector Ref. A-670-100-013
    • Competitive Data Import Ref. A-670-100-009
    • AUX Devices Integration Ref. A-670-100-023
    • Network (e-license for 5 users) Ref. C04180-01-11
    • Network (additional e-license) Ref. A-670-100-007