Nutrition Suite
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New Generation of Software for Weight Management!

  • Weight management program based on Energy Balance Equation
  • RMR either by predicted equations or by importing from COSMED unit
  • Customisable Diet Plan Management with editable database based on USDA guidelines
  • Lifestyle management with accelerometer integration (optional)
  • Full features for data management and professional reporting


  • Fitmate Nutrition Suite is the new software designed for professionals in the Health & Wellness industry willing to provide their clients with the latest and up-to-date knowledge base concerning Nutrition Prescription Counselling. Fitmate Suite builds individual weight management programs based on the proven Calories IN vs. Calories OUT Energy Balance Equation, which states that weight loss WILL be achieved where calorie intake is lower than calorie expenditure. Fitmate Suite monitor Body Composition using skin-fold formulae or manually entered results from BOD POD/ BIA/Dexa measurements. Finally, powerful Diet Management software allows a complete, detailed plan of calories intake to be programmed from the food database (included), based on the USDA (United States Daily Allowance) pyramid.

    Fitmate Suite Brochure: Italian - English - French
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