Exercise & Nutrition Suite
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New Generation of Software for Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription!

  • Full Cardio Respiratory Fitness Assessment
  • Calculation of Training Zones based on VO2 and Heart Rate (HR) relationship
  • Customised exercise prescription based on ACSM guidelines
  • Weight management program based on Energy Balance Equation
  • Lifestyle management with accelerometer integration (optional)
  • Full features for data management and professional reporting


  • Fitmate "Exercise&Nutrition" Suite is the new software designed for professionals in the Health & Wellness industry willing to provide their clients with the latest and up-to-date knowledge base concerning Nutrition & Exercise Prescription Counselling. Fitmate Suite “Exercise & Nutrition” adds complete fitness assessment and performance testing to the nutrition package. Using the latest international gold standards from The American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM), the “Exercise & Nutrition” Suite includes a number of field tests for VO2max scoring, muscular strength testing, muscular endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular risk analysis and Par-Q. “Exercise & Nutrition” Suite provides illustrations, instructions and hints on how to perform these tests correctly. Motivate your client to higher performance and to understand the results. Once completed, the Fitness Assessment is followed by a powerful, user-defined, exercise prescription “wizard”.

    Fitmate Suite Brochure: Italian - English - French
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