Forced Oscillations
Quark i2m: Forced Oscillation Technique lab

Forced Oscillations Technique, the reference method for respiratory mechanics in children

  • Total Respiratory Impedance measurement by Pseudo Random Noise Signal
  • No cooperation required from the patient
  • Ideal for assessing lung function in pre-school children
  • Quick and easy assessment (8 seconds tidal breathing)
  • Accurate, reliable and reproducible technique


  • Quark i2mThe Quark i2m is a forced oscillation system for measuring total respiratory system impedance. It consists of a simple and fast (8 seconds) manoeuvre performed with the patient breathing normally into a measuring device. The Quark i2m can be used with non-cooperative subjects, making it the perfect solution for any pediatric department. An imperceptible, low intensity and high frequency (4-48 Hz) pressure signal is applied while breathing and after a few seconds the software provides total respiratory impedance, including the two components: resistance (R) and reactance (X).

    Quark i2m Brochure: Italian - English