05 October 2015

The Saltin International Graduate Course in Clinical & Exercise Physiology

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The Saltin International Graduate Course in Clinical & Exercise Physiology

Organised by: European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ESPEN)
Date: TORONTO, CANADA October 10-14, 2015 - COPENHAGEN, DENMARK September 2016
Topics: Clinical and Exercise Physiology


A 4-day intensive advanced graduate-level course that brings together faculty and students from Canadian and Danish Universities focusing on topics in exercise and clinical physiology.

This annual, integrative research-based course covers basic and applied science topics on various physiological systems and extends to common clinical physiological applications. Thematic areas in physiology will range from subcellular signaling to organ function and systemic integration.

The international aspect of the course facilitates exchange of diverse topics, research perspectives, experimental approaches, research design, and national traditions. Faculty plenary lectures, student research presentations, and extensive seminar format are intended to maximize student-student and student-faculty interaction, enrich learning and inspire creativity in research. The International Course also aims to enhance academic and research networks between Danish and Canadian institutions to enrich graduate student learning, faculty interaction and exploration of future research initiatives that result in student mobility, development of new programs, projects, partnerships, student involvement, and likelihood of longevity of collaboration. The course will provide a platform for launching national and international research funding initiatives.

The course is structured to form a foundational component of graduate study credits at Canadian universities and for ECTS credits at Danish Universities.The course is open to graduate students from around the world and will rotate annually between Canada and Denmark.

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